Logichem 2015 (past event)

21 - 23 April, 2015

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Painting a Better Picture of Demand

Hear keynote speaker Alain Crottaz explain how AkzoNobel cut safety stock by 50% “As part of a larger supply chain efficiency program, we were looking for a single solution to achieve three strategic goals: providing higher customer service, cutting excess inventory (in particular, safety stock driven by elevated forecast error), and transforming available point-of-sale (POS) data into value for AkzoNobel and its customers,” explains Crottaz.

Benchmarking Report Reveals Chemical Manufacturers Top Trends and Strategies for 2015

The chemical manufacture industry is more competitive, and ruthless, than ever – and businesses rely on their supply chain to deliver competitive advantage. Find out how industry leaders are tackling the biggest challenges in supply chain today – and how your organisation matches up.

Chemical Manufacturers Reveal Top Trends

Created by the team behind LogiChem, the Chemical Manufacturers’ Supply Chain survey was distributed to over 200 Supply Chain Executives from large chemicals companies across Europe. The goal was to understand where chemicals executives like you stand on some of the key supply chain challenges, priorities and opportunities affecting your industry.

Logichem 2014 Benchmarking Survey

Download and you will: Understand how your peers are improving reliability across the SC Find out how leading manufacturers are reducing global inventory Learn their strategies to tackle the growth Asian markets


In partnership with Worldwide Business Research (WBR), the event organizer for LogiChem, Hitachi Consulting surveyed your peers in the chemical industry benchmarking key issues, initiatives, and technologies regarding S&OP.

Chemical Supply Chain Collaboration

Guillermo Fumero is the Head of Supply Chain & Procurement for the BU Pigments division at Clariant. Like many other industries, he is finding that the greatest challenge when it comes to coping with shocks in the supply chain is not the physical, but the economic. In this interview at LogiChem 2012, Guillermo shares his strategy behind mitigating those risks and shocks and demonstrating collaboration can influence decisions, improve ROI cash management and help you with aligning commercial and Supply Chain activities, including segmentation customer interaction models.

Logistic Risk Management

WEW Westerwälder Eisenwerk GmbH create tank containers for hazardous chemicals, so they understand the importance of risk management more than most. MD of WEW Westerwälder Eisenwerk GmbH, Jan Ger hard-de-Vries joins LogiChem to divulge their strategies for mitigating risk in the chemical supply chain, particularly during transportation.

Supply Chain Risk

Antti Salminen is EVP for Supply Chain Management at Kemira Chemicals. After his presentation at LogiChem Europe 2012 we interviewed Antii to discuss Re-Defining Risk in the Chemical Supply Chain in the Context of the Current Dynamic Economic Environment.